My contributions to Free & Open Source Software (FOSS)

In this page I collect my small contributions to some free and open-source projects.

Do that I hope to give more visibility and introduce my visitor to these projects.


This section is dedicated to: Fedora Project.

From Fedora Project born a complete and powerful operating system based on the kernel Linux call fedora that showcases the latest in free and open source software.
Fedora is the operatin system that I prefer and I use it every day on my pc without disadvantage in respect to other O.S. more “famous”.

For more info on this project see this page.

My contribution to this project is like translator:
This page is my presentation on the wiki of fedoraproject.

For more info on italian translation refer to these page:
Italian page of Fedora Localization Project
Italian translation page team


Fedora Localization Project

I am also a packager maintainer of some rpms in official Fedora repository. On my personal space on fedorapeople you can find packages where I am working on and link to packages in the Fedora repository:

I miei repository pubblici, su GitHub

In addiction to some bash or Php script that I public here on my website, I open some public repositories, about software/script that I create and relase with free license, on

My home page on github, that list all my repositories, is:

Above here I cite some relevant projects that I create.


I start to use GitHub to continue my collaboration with Damon Timm on the development of a bash script, dt-s3-backup, that help people to make incremental and cripted backup, using Duplicity.

My public repo is:
Timm repository is:

My script to convert files with .ppt or .doc to pdf.

Other informations can be found: here.


Other informations can be found: here


I have dedicated this section to PhpNews, powerfull script in php that allow people to put news on own web site.

All Documention yuo can find at web site of PhpNews.
In the forum you will find Third Party Language Files.

The Italian traslation for the version 1.3.0 it was done by me, here are the files:
size: 9.58 kb


size: 8.12 kb

You can find me…:

I write and answare on
It is a very good website for Italian fedora users, it has a good tutorial section and a very hight performance forum.

I write on forum too.
It is the section of website, a portal that offert notice, article, tutorial for php language.